Confiscation of the proceeds of corruption and serious and organised crime (An overview of international and European standards, guidance and the relevant jurisprudence of the European court of human rights)
Asset recovery is a simple idea; the legal retrieval of illegal gains. In practice, however, asset recovery is a complex and multidimensional area of law, often requiring intricate practical procedures and involving multiple parties and jurisdictions. This publication delves into this subject matter by offering a comprehensive analysis of international standards and case law on the topic of confiscation in order to assist legal professionals in navigating challenges regarding effective confiscation. It is providing insights and guidance rooted in international standards and legal precedents. These international instruments serve as invaluable compasses for gaining a deeper comprehension of international cooperation regarding the confiscation of illegal assets.

Publisher(s): The AIRE Centre

Editor(s): Biljana Braithwaite, Catharina Harby, Nevena Kostić

Year of Publishing: 2024