Handbook on Effective Asset Recovery in Compliance with European and International Standards Handbook
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In 2017, the AIRE Centre (Advice on Individual Rights in Europe) and RAI (Regional Anti-corruption Initiative) began working together to support jurisdictions in Southeast Europe (SEE) to improve their asset recovery capabilities. In 2018, the two organisations published a study titled Asset Recovery in the Western Balkans: A Comparative Analysis of Legislation and Practice, which was completed after extensive consultation with regional and international experts.

Publisher(s): Advice on Individual Rights in Europe (AIRE) Regional Anti-corruption Initiative (RAI)

Author(s): Krešimir Kamber, Will Ferris, Catharina Harby, Eriona Haxhia, Artur Selmani, Eldan Mujanović, Darko Datzer, Ganimete Ismajli, Aleksa Ivanović, Mirjana Lazarova Trajkovska, Radmila Dragičević Dičić

Year of Publishing: 2020